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If you're looking for easy ways to improve your golf swing, then look no further. I've done the hard work for you and reviewed the 3 best-selling golf instruction books currently available online.

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The Simple
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The Simple Golf  Swing Review
Pure Point Golf System

The Pure Point Golf System
How To
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BASED IN: California, USA
DATE: May 3, 2011

That's me...Chris JamesHi, thanks for stopping by and welcome to my site!

I'm Chris James from California and I've been a golf fanatic since I was 14.

If you're like me, you'll do virtually anything in order to improve your golf game and knock a few shots off your handicap.

Back in 2008, I was playing regularly off a 24 or so handicap and would regularly hit rounds between 95 and 100.

Our golf club pro had helped me to hit the ball consistently, having me hit my woods straight most of the time and work wonders with my short game and putting.

Improve & Break 80? Yeah Right!

The problem was I reached that 'plateau' that every golfer hits sometimes and I began to ask myself what it would take to break 90 (let alone 80!).

It was then I started looking online where I found every Tom, Dick & Harry calling themselves golf swing experts.

And, gee, is there some junk out there! E-books, courses, CDs, DVDs, tips, techniques, advice....and then some!

Everyone offering advice on golf swing speed, the grip, aim and stance, accuracy and alignment, the backswing, chipping and consistency to club head speed, driving, distance, handicap reduction, iron play, mental preparation and mindset, putting, posture, pitching, teeshots and timing.

It's no surprise some players don't know quite who to turn to.

Was I Asking Too Much?

When I started looking for help online, I wasn't really asking for much. All I wanted was a course or a guide with the following characteristics:

  • Straightforward and no nonsense
  • Common sense approach from an acknowledged expert
  • Written and presented in simple language I could understand
  • With photos and videos that I could easily follow and replicate
  • Presented by a respected expert who knew more than I did
  • Priced sensibly (I accepted I probably had to pay for decent coaching and tuition)

And So....

This site, therefore (I'm a professional web site designer by day) is the product of my research for the best golf improvement program that I was able to find online.

Basically, I've taken the pain out the process for you and added my own, hopefully impartial, reviews of the following courses which should if followed correctly see you make some positive changes in your golf game.

I'm a big fan of the Pure Point Golf System and The Simple Golf Swing. The two courses are similar but not identical. Interestingly, David Nevogt and Bobby Eldridge have recently got together and rumour has it they will be launching some joint ventures soon.

In my opinion (as not many know this), you need only purchase the Simple Golf Swing (not both) for if you buy the Simple Golf Swing you'll actually get some of the Pure Point Golf System videos as part of a fantastic value upsell (only $17 more if you buy through this site - that's a staggering $218 off the normal price).

More about that on my Simple Golf Swing review page.

However, when you buy the Pure Point Golf ebook, you get one month's free access to the Pure Point Golf Apprentice Program which, in my opinion, is the best online golf training resource there is. It's simply excellent. See my Pure Point Golf Review for more information.


(But Has My Golf Game Improved I Hear You Ask...?)

Good question!

I've never been one to brag about my ability but I can tell you that I consistently hit around 85 to 90 these days.

Now I even have a USGA® index of 16.9!

My best ever was in Summer of 2009 when everything went right and I hit 79 straight off the bat - that day I got my first ever eagle 3 on a very long par 5 at Cypress Point, Pebble Peach, California.

All 3 courses below have their merits and they all come with a 60 day moneyback guarantee :)

I'll leave you to decide which one's for you!

Take care,

Chris James

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